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My Top Choice Affiliate Program For Beginners That Do Not Require Paid Ads

Finding a legit affiliate program is not as easy as it seems. We all have been there right? Most of us, who are looking to make money online often seem to be confused and overwhelmed because of the abundance of methods and ways available and the so-called “gurus” attacking us like sharks in order to sell their shitty courses make it even worse.

It took me 8 months to find the right affiliate program when I decided to quit my job and started working as a affiliate marketer. It was a weight-loss Keto product, to name it exactly; PureFit Keto. My payout per sale was 68$.

I have been working as a full-time affiliate marketer in the health and beauty niche for about 4 years. I earn moderate monthly income of 3-5k$ by generating high quality sales/leads on nutra offers such as weight-loss, hair & skin products.

Since we all are aware of the coronavirus pandemic in the world, each country is taking needful actions to control it. My business has suffered big-time because there is no way to deliver items to the people due to lock-down.

Although the lock-down is temporary but nobody knows how long it will prolong. I could not afford to sit back and relax while the world is collapsing. I finally decided to change my niche and started working on digital products, in which product-delivery is not an issue.

Right now, almost everybody is insecure about their jobs, the economy and the market conditions, and are looking for different ways to make money. Digital marketing is one of most trending skills that everybody wants to learn.

I consider it my moral duty to help as many people as possible by teaching them the skill of making-money online and providing them with the correct platform so they don’t burn money in the starting. I can’t make you a millionaire but we sure can work on making decent money online.

Today I’m determined to give you full information about a wonderfully profitable and legit affiliate program which I joined just 12 Days ago and have already made 3600$.

The name of this affiliate program is 25 Dollar 1UP. At first instance I thought “what a creepy name for such a successful affiliate program”, then I went into the details of the program and it blew my mind!

25 Dollar 1UP is an American company based in Virginia, which sells e-learning packages related to digital marketing. The basic package is of 25$ and goes up till 1000$. You join the affiliate program by paying for the packages you want to promote further. Once you’ve paid and joined, you get your special link and a dashboard. You promote your affiliate link on multiple platforms using the methods taught in the package you’ve purchased and receive 100% commission per sale. The company receives only 10$ on each sale as a hosting fee, which is an extra cost to the buyer per purchase.

You are eligible to receive commissions of only those packages that you yourself have purchased.

Packages Explained Below:

Similarly, there are three more levels. Diamond (250$), Enterprise (500$) and Elite (1000$). I have experienced working on the combination of Gold and Platinum packages because I wanted to test the platform first before investing more.

At first I thought they will only provide basic knowledge about digital marketing but the depth of these courses really shocked me. Its not that this kind of knowledge is not available anywhere online but its like a pool of industry’s best trainers’ guides. From youtube affiliate marketing to doing CPA-with-Facebook, you will get everything here.

They are providing more than they’re charging.

How Is It Different From Other Affiliate Programs?

You cannot join this affiliate program directly. Since it is a private network, you can only join the program from a referral link of another affiliate like yourself.

Anything else?

Yes! That when you promote this affiliate program and sell the packages further, the commission of the second sale will pass up to the person who referred you to join. That’s why 25 Dollar 1UP. This is called Reverse 1UP Formula. As you are giving your second commission to your sponsor, you also become eligible to receive the 100% of your down-line affiliates’ second sales.

My Favorite Feature?

The commission comes directly in your bank account and the 10$ hosting fee goes to the company separately. No waiting for payouts from the network. I know the pain of waiting for hard-earned money to get released by networks.

When I watched the Youtube videos and researched about this affiliate program, it sounded more like typical MLM than a affiliate program, ITS NOT! Although personally speaking, I don’t see anything bad in MLMs unless its unethical. Many multinational brands such as Amway, Avon, Herbal Life and Tupperware used this marketing method to become successfull.

The very basic feature of MLMs is to keep your down-line in the loop of continuous encouragement sessions, invest time in inspiring them, regular marketing sessions, meetings and too much hectic routine show-off.

On the other hand, 25 Dollar 1UP is purely an affiliate program by a private affiliate network in which the products are e-learning packages, affiliates sell these packages in order to earn commissions. You only need a mobile phone and internet to get started. The commission is 100%. The second sale of every affiliate you refer belongs to you, that’s it. You get nothing more than the second sale of your down-line affiliates.


I purchased Gold (25$) + Platinum (100$) + 10$ Hosting = 135$ worth packages to join in and sold these packages further at the same price. My investment returned just when I generated my first sale and everything else afterwards is my profit. I’m already in profit now and you too will profit because this company is been there working for 3 years and there is not even a single negative review related to fraud or scam. Yes some people who have never worked with this company have given their OPINIONS but not reviews.

The Packages are easy to sell because you only have to connect with those who are already interested in making money online. In the times when people are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for digital marketing course, its so easy to convince people to purchase this valuable information in such cheap price.

I will give you one-on-one training which includes:

  • Mock Chats
  • Mock Calls
  • Exact Methods That I Use
  • Follow Up Method
  • Closure Perfection

Spending approximately 100 dollars is not a small amount for most people but investing this much in a business was worth taking risk. Now that I know their is NO RISK, I advice you to join it, get trained by me and start making money within a week!

Not just this affiliate program, You can get in touch with me if you need any help or guidance in affiliate marketing in-general.

I also provide 10 days one-on-one training, in which I teach exact method to promote affiliate products on Google Adwords and generate sales! Its not a basic course, it is REAL METHOD!

100% success guaranteed.

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