How To Optimize Your Day While Working From Home

Working from home looks easy but with all the perks comes constant need of pushing ourselves because there is no boss to keep a watch on you. You are your own boss and the more you do, the more you benefit.

Hello friends, I have been working as a affiliate marketer from home from past 4 years and my professional life changed for good since when I started applying the following ethics that I am going to share with you today.

I am inspired by the book called “The 5 Am Club” written by the self-help author and motivational writer Mr. Robin Sharma. This book changed my life and it will change your’s too if you follow the exact methods mentioned in the book. Since not all of us have time and interest in reading books, I decided to start this website in order to help aspiring affiliate marketers and struggling entrepreneurs.

5 Tips To Optimize Your Day While Working From Home:

Plan Your Day

Only planned things get done. Human brain is designed to follow only those instructions with 100% effectiveness that gives it satisfaction and there is nothing else that satisfies more than a completed task.

Assign yourself daily tasks in your diary. Your satisfaction and will power to complete the next task will ascend with each completed task .

Motivation that comes from within is of the best sort. You got to keep yourself motivated by completing each task with 100% perfection. It will be a never ending quest for more-satisfaction and you will eventually be the one who’ll benefit from it.

“The world becomes a poor place without your excellence in it”

Less Is More

Less is really more. As you might know, affiliate marketing involves so many different kinds of works, promotional campaigns and products that I couldn’t fight the temptation to create multiple income streams. When things work, you kind of forget the basics and start doing multiple things at a time. This degrades your work quality.

Choose less things and become master of those. It goes with every activity that you perform. Even if you like reading, read only the selected books and master those instead of gulping 100’s and never implementing anything in your life.

Live this beautiful life with some world-class work-ethics for you are the creator of your life. That’s where you win.

Become Authoritative

Authority is one of the most common traits among all the top players of the world. For them, there is nothing more important than the promises they make to themselves.

A petty mobile notification, a call from your friend and even your own temptations of playing video game on your mobile phone should not challenge your authority.

Become the captain of your ship and sail the way through huge waves of laziness, tornadoes of mobile notifications and tsunamis of self-doubt.

Write A Journal

Work from home means cutting yourself from the society, its not good but its the truth. Social interaction is the last thing you think about while prioritizing activities. There are no group of office colleagues bitching about the boss. You are your own boss.

This happened with me after working for 6 months in isolation. I started imagining negative scenarios about myself and used to stress about them. People started saying that I was living in my head.

My psychologist friend who practices in Ontario, Canada suggested me to start writing a journal. She said “The best way to remove your fears is to face them and since your fears are imaginary, you should write and release them”

Isn’t its true that most of us stress about the things that never happens and so much energy is lost due to it.

The idea is to write down whatever you are feeling. Feel it and release it. Its so simple yet profound. You will be able to work more efficiently when your head is not stressed-out because of some imaginary scenario playing inside it.

Start Exercising

A healthy body is the source of all sorts of happiness. There is nobody who’ll disagree from this phrase. Starting your day with a little exercise does two things; one, it keeps you fit and other, it gives you satisfaction of completing an important first task of the day.

At the age of 24, my liver started encountering alot of issues. My health was badly affected for a long one year. At one point, I decided to fight with it and defeat it with my will-power and correct routine.

Now its been 4 years that I am working out at home. Hiring a personal body coach was one of the best decisions of my life.

All you need is will power and body. No equipment is needed to become fit. As I told you, I have been doing home workouts from a very long time and its 100% effective.


So these are the five things that I incorporated in my daily life to become a better professional while still working in pajamas and keeping the beard game on!

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