5 Things To Do To Elevate Your Life In Next 21 Days Of Lockdown

Hello friends, since we all know that our government is taking strict measures to control the pandemic in India, our country has been locked-down for the next 21 days. Meaning, no business can be done in this period.

I have been working as a full-time affiliate marketer for about 4 years in order to generate passive income. I work from home, so for me, quarantine does not make much of a difference. However, today i will share 5 things that you should consider doing in the next 21 days in order to elevate your life.

  1. Learn A New Skill

How often we get times like these to learn a new skill? It is too much work in our regular life that we forget to equip ourselves with new skills. In times like these when we are so uncertain about economy, where the market condition gonna end up, what will happen to our jobs, I think we MUST USE this “golden” time to do some research & learn a new skill. 21 days isn’t a less time to learn something new.

As i told you, i am an affiliate marketer who promote other people’s products and services in order to earn commission. I can help you with learning this skill.

2. Start Writing A Journal

This habit worked as a life savior for me. I don’t know if this happens to you guys or not but I use to imagine a lot of negative scenarios about myself which created so much stress that i could not work. I was messed-up up to a point that people started telling me that I live in my head. My friend who is a reiki expert advised me to start writing a journal. She said “You can only stop being negative if you face the negativity inside you. Let it come and then it will get released”

The idea is to write up whatever you’re thinking and whatever is bothering you emotionally. The best way to remove a fear is to face it. Since most of our fears are imaginary, writing is the best way to express & release them. Don’t think too much while writing, just write it out.

3. Work On Your Heartset

I read about heartset in a self-help book by renowned author Robin Sharma. Heartset is a dimension of being where its all about your emotional health. It does not matter how rich you are or how fancy car you drive, you are a big-time sufferer if you are not emotionally healthy.

Being happy is a choice!

I still used to think about my first crush who left school all of a sudden to never meet me again. I still haven’t been able to find her on social media. This void of wanting to see her used to bother me until i started working upon the problem. Yes it still affects me up-to a certain point but i have started acknowledging the things and relationships that i have instead of crying for those thing that I don’t have.

Gratitude practice is the method to do it. Wake-up, exercise and then write down at-least 4 or 5 points that you are grateful for. This practice only gives results after a continuous practice. Don’t think that it does not work after practicing it just for few days. Keep doing!

4. Start Working Out

I have to be open about myself when I’m talking about health. At the age of 24, my liver started having alot of issues. I started encountering constant pain on the left side of my face due to lymph nodes inflammation. I still have it while writing this post but i have trained myself to live with it.

My work affected big-time due to all these body issues. I started eating a lot of junk food, drank a lot of cold-drinks because it gave some sort of a temporary relief from pain. My relationships were not working because i could not talk to people without getting irritated.

At one point i decided to fight with it and recover from these issues. Although the facial paint hasn’t gone but i feel more confident and good about myself since i started working out. You don’t even need a gym to workout. There are a lot of exercises that don’t even need equipment. Your will-power, consistency and body is all that’s required.

One of the best decisions of my life was to hire a personal body-coach. My suggestion to you would be to invest at least 3-4% of your monthly income in your health. This is the best investment one can ever make.

Now my liver functions pretty fine. I look better than ever and life’s awesome!

5- Use Your Mobile Phone

Surprised huh?

This is one of the most valuable suggestions i received from my psychologist friend. The mantra that he gave was, “Use Your Mobile Phone, Don’t Get Used By It”

Mobile phone consumes so much of energy from you that there is no energy left in your system for your primal genius. Delete all those application that makes you keep checking the notifications. Delete games. Show some authority to your mobile phone. Now is the high time.

You will be surprised by the amount energy you will have. You will not feel exhausted all the time. Your primal genius will have the sufficient energy to show-up and do wonders.

Somewhere deep inside, you already know all this. Put this into effect and you will thank me later for reminding you this.

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